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2012 CSC Digital Camera Assistant Course

Brandon Cooper
Dazmo Digital was a proud host to the 2012 Digital Camera Assistant Course. The course, run by the Canadian Society of [...]


April 10 2013
Dazmo Digital
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April 16 2012
Brandon Cooper
Follow us !

There are now a couple of ways to stay connected with the Dazmo Digital family! Follow us on twitter @dazmodigital Like us [...]

March 28 2009
Nicolas Fournier
3-D in NYC

In early March, Vidéo MTL was delighted to attend a demonstration in New York on 3-D image capture and post-production at [...]


September 11 2012
Dazmo Digital

NOW GET THE SPECIAL PRICE OF 285$! Regular price: 350$ Brilliant 1080p HD Video & Audio Recording [...]

June 18 2012
Dazmo Digital
The Gemini RAW has arrived!

The latest product of Convergent Design, Gemini RAW is now available for rent. Both on-board monitor and [...]

June 06 2012
Dazmo Digital
Raindance is in the house.

Check out the Raindance Toronto Cinematography Foundation Certificate Course that recentlytook place at [...]

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